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Peaceful in the moment Tranquil in your soul To reach a state of balance Seems to be the goal A point where cares are absent Or maybe put on hold Often redefining The many rules were told There is no need to journey No need to get away Just carve out a moment And enjoy it every day The moment will embrace you Take time to give it care Finding the serenity Of just being there   — Serenity is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley about finding a point of peace and tranquility in your life by simply...

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One Life

Those of us in uniform A family does it make Part is our commitment And the oath that we do take Each of us has families Parents, kids and wives These are what we fight for And for which we’d give our lives Most don’t understand it Until they hear it true And then there’s no undoing The actions they must do It’s there they find commitment To do what must be done And each day embrace the sunrise And not fear the setting sun One Life is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley for military members and their...

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The Measure of a Man

The memories have faded The scars have all been healed We have but to be thankful For the bounty of our yield Many would hope for But only few would find The homecoming they dreamed of Each night inside their mind We owe it to their memory To live each day with pride Always share with others The love you have inside The measure of a man Is based on how much he would give To make sure that those they love Can have the chance to live The Measure of a Man is a poem about the reflections...

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The Best of Seven

Some final thoughts During the final inning About what’s important And what is winning It’s all about the moments And not about the game The memories that we make Where we never are the same It’s easy to see sorrow But harder to see grace During our time on this planet As it’s hurdling through space But then the game is over Full of excitement, joy and tears And you have a precious memory That will last you all your years – Best of Seven is a poem about two friends final pilgrimage to a ball game during the...

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The Strength Within

Build the world you dream of In your heart and in your mind Leave things a little better From the challenges you find Stretch yourself in directions You wouldn’t always go And you will find new purpose And ways that you can grow These are the seeds I’ve planted And sometimes seen come true Not only in my own life But in my children too Just as one dream is ending Another one can begin Fueled by love and memories And strength you have within The Strength Within A friend of mine’s father recently lost his battle with cancer....

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