Hi I’m Robert Longley. About 30 years ago I started writing poems for people who were dealing with challenging situations.  Most were written for people during times of loss, while others were just people looking for directions.  I would do about one a month early on, but that has since accelerated to about one a week thanks to the internet.  I put up a web site about 10 years ago – http://www.sacredpoems.com and the poems started going in different directions as people contacted me.

My work has been included in foreign films, set to music by a Bulgarian choir and performed around Europe, and included in a variety of books including my own.  Several years ago I was approach by the U.S. Army Outreach organization.  These are the people that help families when a soldier is killed in the line of duty.  The packet for children of fallen soldiers now includes one of my poems.  The American Widow’s Project also uses one of my poems for their sponsor packet.

under the flag poem

A few years ago I started experimenting with images and my poems.  I view the pictures as frames for the words so I look for pictures that will surround my poems in some way that compliments the words.

All poems may be used free of charge for school projects, weddings, funerals, graduations, school newspapers etc, as long as they are not used for profit. All I as is proper credit and reference to the web address.

If you would like to receive a poem please write or email. Just include a brief introduction (one paragraph at most – please include mailing address). Life stories are not required. There is no charge and no guarantee that I will get to you any time soon.
EMAIL to rob@sacredpoems.com