Share with me a vision
Of the entire world as free
Borders do not divide us
Or restrict our liberty

Share with me a handshake
Across the great divide
Its time to come together
And bridge this chasm wide

Its here we share experience
Our joys, our lives our fears
And know we are not different
Through happiness and tears

If you can step back far enough
The truth is what you’ll see
A view of possibilities
Where people can be free

Sacred Poem: A View of Possibilities

When we look really closely at things, we tend to see conflict and problems.  Planes are off course 99% of the time, but they still reach their destination.  People, companies and governments are the same way.  The closer we look at them, things seem to be broken.  When we stay focused on that level of brokenness it can become our world view.  We have to step back from the problems to see the pieces and what allows  them to exist.  If you get far enough away you can see that order still exists.  Ugliness is replaced by beauty and chaos is replaced with order.  If we can start with this vision, we can bring it with us back to ground level and make more sense of the challenges our world presents us with.

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