Just because your heart is full
There’s always room for more
A bundle of new adventures
Soon arriving at your door

A little ball of fire
More than a ball of joy
Constantly in motion
An active little boy

Walking in his father’s footsteps
An affinity for tools
And following his own drummer
And making his own rules

First you had each other
Baby makes it three
Now you have everything
A bright future soon to be

Sacred Poem:  A Bright Future

There are many moments that change our lives. A wedding can be the start of a great journey with a bright future. As is the course of nature for many couples, two people quickly becomes three. Now you aren’t just looking for the future, you have created someone who is going to be part of it. The sum of two people now can live on well after they are gone. The future that you might have seen as a couple now takes on a different perspective. You have a new life with their own direction which now becomes part of the bright future that will change all of you.